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A story that started over 20 years ago, 2 childhood homies who grew up skating, tagging, and staying fresh. Tex & RAE met in their late teens and instantly a bond was formed. Always tossing around the idea of turning their vision of styles into a streetwear brand well before they had any idea of how to do that….

At that point, seeds where planted… forward to the present, Tex & RAE's individual journeys developed their viewpoints, values and ideals. The soil was ready….and those seeds had sprouted, in the form of f&f, the Fruits & Flowers Brand. In a time of so much darkness, we wanted to bring some light, because nothing good can grow without light.

Welcome to the market!
Come on in.


our vision for the brand

at the root of it all, we represent growth….Personal, Spiritual, and Financial. The Fruits and Flowers of life.